Association for Specialist Fire Protection Ireland

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection Ireland (ASFPI) was established in 2011 to support those responsible for legislation, specification, inspection and installation of passive fire protection throughout Ireland.

ASFPI offers a structured and professional approach to passive fire protection, working with Government and industry alike to improve the knowledge base of all involved in the manufacture, approval, specification, installation and management of passive fire protection. Its mission is to be the leading authority for passive fire protection in Ireland for the purpose of protecting life, and property and sustaining the environment from the effects of fire.

ASFPI offers guidance, training and members forums, as well as participating in relevant events across Ireland.

  • ASFP launches passive fire protection training
    The ASFP is launching a passive fire protection training programme in April 2018.The Foundation Course in Passive Fire Protection aims to equip candidates with the knowledge required to demonstrate competency, while also offering a route for progression and academic recognition through qualifications provided by the Institution of Fire Engineers.  READ MORE
  • ASFPI hosts seminar at FM Ireland
    ASFP Ireland will be exhibiting at Facilities Management Ireland, Dublin on 6-7 March 2018 and hosting a one-day seminar on 6 March in the Fire Safety Theatre. Managing Fire Safety in Occupied Buildings will consider the management of passive and active fire protection systems. READ MORE
  • ASFPI supports IFE seminar at FM Ireland
    ASFP Ireland will also be supporting a seminar on 7 March hosted by the IFE. This session will focus on Communicating the Fire Safety Message and aims to offer advice on where to find essential fire safety information. READ MORE
  • ASFPI offered advice at NI Fire Safety Conference
    ASFPI's David O'Reilly presented at the Building Control Northern Ireland Fire Safety Panel Conference on 8-9 February 2018 at the Armagh City Hotel in Armagh. The two-day conference focused on Advancing the fire safety message. READ MORE
  • IFC held successful passive fire protection training in Dublin
    International Fire Consultants (IFC) provided a popular passive fire protection training course at the Carlton Dublin Airport Hotel on the 20-21 February. The course will repeated successful programmes delivered by Colin Keeley during 2017.
  • FDIS ASFPI offers discounts on FDIS courses
    The Association for Specialist Fire Protection Ireland (ASFPI) is working with the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) to encourage suitable training and education for all who work with fire doors. ASFPI members can receive discounts on FDIS courses READ MORE